Devikulam hills in Munnar

Devikulam hills in Munnar

Devikulam hills in Munnar

Going with a mission takes people on a goal deserving of being gone by. What’s more, the excursion winds up noticeably devout when it is made for the pursuit of God and comfort in Nature which is the thing that one gets in a little town – Devikulam slope station – the place with the lotus lake of Goddess.

Individuals in the midst of a furlough in world popular Munnar may not some time ago mindful of Devikulam as a slope station which is segregated however one look around all over is presumably that the cold noticeable all around, greenery on the inclines, low hanging mists over slopes and the Sita Devi Lake encompassed by hues and dynamic quality of Nature are to be esteemed until the end of time. Only 16 Km far from Munnar, Devikulam in Idukki locale of Kerala is frequently a piece of consolidated bundle voyagers and vacationers take to result in these present circumstances put.

The town is little, in this way appear to be swarmed in summers when local people take the end of the week excursions to get drenched in the perspectives of Nature as she dwells here. Devikulam visit has many reasons; proximity to Munnar, the conspicuous ones are magnificence of the place, legends and folklore related to the place that tells about Goddess Sita (Wife of Lord Rama) washing in the lake after which it is named from that point forward, skin-infirmities treating water of the lake and various chances to investigate slopes through trekking and climbing.

In God’s Own Country, excursion to every one of the spots turn into a journey in their own particular similarity!

Vacation Spots

People tend to analyze and this happens notwithstanding when springs that bolster Sita Devi Lake get contrasted and heated water springs of Manali, yet flexibility of India enables individuals to contrast perpetually but then not accompany any conclusion, in light of the fact that there is quite recently no closure. This could be very much seen in the fascination of this place sightseers appreciate amid their Devikulam travel and recall from there on. Some of them are:-


Mangalam Devi Temple – On a hillock at 1337 m, one can find this sanctuary famous for the celebration of Chitra Pournami. Interest in the celebration is conceivable simply in the wake of taking consent by Forest experts.

Nature’s Lure


Sita Devi Lake

Sita Devi Lake – Mythology is there, however the motivations to visit the lake surpass what appears glaringly evident. For that riddle, one must be there to feel. Angling is only an extra.

Mattupetty Lake – If 26 Km is no separation to see a spell-throwing fascination, this lake is only for that reasoning on this line.

Kundala Lake – For the admirers of drifting, speed-sailing and selling the slower watercrafts can be delighted in close Kundala Arch Dam, at 1700 m elevation.

Anayirankal Lake – Tea greenery enclosures, backwoods, and this to some degree concealed lake in which elephant love their snapshots of holding.


Thoovanam – While getting a charge out of the perspectives of untamed life inside Chinnar Wildlife asylum, it is difficult to miss this wonderful fall sustained by River Pambar, where numerous creatures and feathered creatures discover their relief.

Pallivasal – For comfortable time with loved ones spending Devikulam occasions, the site around this fall considered best.

Keezharkuthu – Also alluded to as Rainbow Falls in close-by Udumbannoor Village at 1500 m makes the excellence pull in various sightseers, tumbling from 200 ft. Enterprise searchers can discover a portion of the exercises being composed.

Kuthumkal – Reached by Devikulam and also Rajakkad, this falling waterfall is captivating in its appearance and surely understood in notoriety.

Nature Walk in

Eravikulam National ParkEravikulam National Park – One of the most prominent national stop of the south, missing it is no chance an alternative on this trek.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary – This one is the closest secure range in Devikulam in which the perspectives of wild could be appreciated without going considerably more distant.

Idukki National Park – Enjoying different winged animals and creatures falls into place without a hitch once inside the recreation center, however more than that spot Neelakurunji bloom that blooms once in 12 years, in the event that it is the correct season.

Kurinjimala Sanctuary – Endangered Neelakurunji blossom is the forte of this place also and the Western Ghats of this haven fills in as the center zone for its preservation.


Mattupetty Dam – At a height of 1700 m, this Indo-Swiss venture has turned into an excursion spot, particularly in the storm reason.

Attala Rock Shelter – Above 1500 m, close to the Kavakudi Village is a noteworthy tourism fascination highlighting 94 themes painted on dividers of the stone safe houses. People keen on ancient craftsmanship give devoted time for the place.

Devikulam Tea Estate – Tata Tea Company set up this place in 1900 and from that point forward the range of 239 hectares for tea manner and creation.

Bloom International Park – Nearer to Munnar than Devikulam being just 3 Km far from there, the place is more for sports dynamic individual as it offers sculling, cycling, roller skating, and so forth.

Slope View Park – a very much kept up and all around created stop with awesome perspectives of Cheruthoni and Idukki Dams, this place is to be sure a vacationer’s enjoyment.

Places Around Devikulam

Pollachi – 42 Km from Devikulum, the grand astonishment is anticipating eyes of appreciation.


Vandiperiyar – This locale has its picture kept up for espresso estates, flavors like dark pepper, is just 34 km from Devikulam and in this way could be added to the excursion.

Theni – The dewy tea cultivates, slopes of the Western Ghats and natural excellence is basic and finds napping simply like that. Approximately 43 Km far from the sloping town being discussed, it is a pleasure to stretch out Devikulum visit to this place also.

Idukki – This area and subsequently the town by a similar name is home to numerous tourist magnets that attract individuals from urban areas to wander in the grasp of Nature.

Marayur – Known for a few things like Sandalwood Forest, a sort of molasses, high-quality Pattu Saree, and antiquated holes related with sages, the place is must be incorporated with Devikulum visit bundle.

Munnar – Credit to put slope stations of the south on world guide could be effectively given to Munnar and to comprehend the gravity of this claim, no less than one visit is required without a doubt.

Things to do

A mellow stroll in good and bad times of slopes of this range is the primary demonstration that rings a bell of vacationers, particularly children and young people. The alternatives of calculating and drifting in the lakes around the local feeling the cool demeanor of slopes on confronting are dependably there for the individuals who would prefer not to get enjoyed some physically persisting movement. Ensured regions intended to give widely varied vegetation free rule on their life and this displays another window to investigate and give moments of clarity with creatures and feathered creatures. Taking a nourishment wicker bin to closest succumb to a cookout is one greater movement families and companions could appreciate together.

Inn Information

Munnar being in closeness and awesome in ubiquity, by and large, takes a significant part of the show, however, the individuals who like some peace, pick home stays or inns in Devikulam as their alternative for convenience. The individuals who are coming specifically to this bumpy scene can remain to adhere to going lone lived to the flawlessness. Be that as it may, the separation between the two is so less, it scarcely takes whenever driving from one place to the next.

A portion of the well-known names of this place incorporates Autumn Trees, Pavitram Holiday Inn, Spring Dale Resort, Misty Buds Homestay, and others.


Summers are very lovely remaining from March until May, with temperature extending from 8°C to 16°C. Then again, June to September encounters medium to substantial precipitation making the air feel cooler. December to February encounters 0°C to 10°C, where January is the coolest month of the year.

Best Time to Visit

As could be found from the portrayal of atmosphere, the place is deserving of visit whenever timetable of people allow. In any case, the best time as for everyone in a gathering is thought to be September to May, without rain.

Step by step instructions to Reach

Air – Kochi International Airport is best to achieve the town is flight is the favored method for travel.

Rail – Kottayam and Kochi 130 Km and 150 Km separately are the closest railroad stations from where cabs or transports could be taken to achieve Devikulam.

Street – Journey on streets from Cochin (Kochi) and Kottayam is an enjoyment particularly when the driver is experienced and proficient for the slope driving.

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